Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Command and Control?

After reading "Unmade In America: The True Cost of a Global Assembly Line" I was left pondering the effects a "Command and Control" technique would have on other individuals. I fully agree with Joy's opening statement because I too feel that responsibility will be sacrificed. In order to be an efficient manager, you must be able to motivate, lay down clear objectives, and hold a party responsible for it's actions (good or bad). In a hierarchical structure, responsibility is clearly defined and correcting errors are made possible. Outsourcing brings up many serious problems and one of them would be the inability to progress. With a lack of communication because of distance, how can workers inform one another of new techniques or innovations? There is definitely a lack of flexibility as you can read in this article which would delay any form of efficiency to take place.
Now for the fun part. Whatever happened to fearing mother nature? Past civilizations gave our mother much attention because, hey without her support we can't do anything. If there's a hurricane, I really doubt you'll be able to go to your neighborhood bar and have a couple of pints let alone go to work. We need to understand that the earth is very unstable and we can't rely on forecasts to help us. Kelly has a good point when she writes about natural disasters. The chances of a natural disaster affecting a company is greatly increased when using outsourcing because of common sense. If you have multiple factories around the world, you have a higher possibility of getting affected because of the ratio. If you have just one company, the disaster would have to occur in only one area. Offshoring Digest has a good article on it.


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