Thursday, April 21, 2005

E-mail, Mailing Lists and Other Toys

After reading the 3rd chapter from The Cluetrain Manifesto, the use of the chatroom became clear. It's not just for porn and all the other good stuff. It can be used to help others in a business environment as well as communicating with people from around the world. When Julia says that she rejects chat invitations because she thingks it might turn out to be an orgy-fest, I delightfully agree. Chat rooms have such bad reputations that I haven't entered one in many years. Interestingly, the last time I did enter a chat room was for technical support. I was having problems installing a game on my personal computer therefore I had to get assistance. I decided to visit the company's website and instead of writing down a phone number I was sent to a chat room. I was very sure that the second I clicked on the link, I would have a host asking me what I was wearing. I was surprised to find a very useful human being on the other side of the conversation helping me efficiently. There are many companies offering online help today and many interesting reads that people can view and learn from.
Unfortunately, technology can be very annoying too. As with all types of advancements, it can be used for the good of mankind and not. Mailing Lists are the perfect example. I can understand the importance and ease a mailing list can add to someone's daily activities. I mean c'mon, how sweet is it when you can join your favorite bands mailing list and get all their great news on a daily basis? I know I enjoy it. But I had a very annoying experience with it because of Marymount Manhattan College. Toward the end of the summer that passed, I was getting dozens of e-mails in response to some irrelevent subject that students were asking about. I was pissed because I never authorized myself to be included on the mailing list and it took weeks for the school to fix the problem. It will never happen again.Deb brings up a very important discussion about e-mails. The privacy of e-mails is a huge plus for people who like to keep a healthy dose of privacy in their life. With conventional paper mail, anyone sitting around your front door can intercept the object. People from the post office can mishandle your mail and you pay the consequences. With e-mails, you can have a better sense of security which can give people the confidence to write more personal mail. Another important aspect of E-mails was mentioned in the reading. The fact that we can expect a response from mail we sent the same day is revolutionary. With old school mail, it took days, weeks, months for a response to occur. Now that we have electronic mail, people can expect a response in a much shorter period of time. Consumers can get help from their suppliers quickly and suppliers can get feedback from their customers fast also. Everybody in the game becomes a winner. Hooray.


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