Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The End of the Individual

How sad is professionalism? When did our society become so obsessed with money that we actually take part of becoming robots for "the man". I agree with the article that our voice is the most important and vital tool that we possess. Our voice is the ultimate gateway to our being. With our voice we can change the world and recieve what we desire. Having someone out there telling me that my voice should be lowered or eliminated would seem a crime to me. In chapter 2 of The Cluetrain Manifesto, we read about the authors view on our voice and it's importance. I can understand Laura's shock when she recieved a customer with the concern of a yellow tie. I worked in a law firm for two years and never wore a tie because of this ridiculous topic. People would actually compare each others tie's and have long, boring conversations over the origins of such eccentric clothing. The best parts of the day were when I would go to the smoke room to have a stoge. The conversations i heard in there were pure gold. The smoke room was the area where all the paralegals and attorneys would go and let out their humanity. The range of conversations were from paintball to relationships and sex. I was shocked. All day long I would walk around observing the miseries of corporate life and then I was treated to this. It was so pathetic it became amusing after a while. Outside of the smoke room, people behaved like zombies, or managed individuals. Even people who knew one another rarely talked in the office area. I would get dirty looks from the lawyers and so did the other workers from the Research Technology team. The longing was there although, and it was apparent when we all went to a our safe place and had wild conversations. The chapter describes such longings and why we need each other.
If we want to see how apparant our need for one anothers attention, we don't have to look much further then My Space. My Space is an addiction. Everyone and their grandparents have an account with my space. It's like this huge public data base with personal homepages as contacts. The amazing aspect of this technology is the amount of time people put into customising their own profiles. It reminds me of the chapter when it talks about the desire to have an uncensored voice. I agree with Joy's comment that the Internet is a voice of our world. Like the author stated, "having a voice doesn't mean being able to sing in the shower. It means presenting oneself to others." The Internet is an important public space for people to communicate in. There are consequences if we are not permitted using it as you can read in this interesting article. Let freedom of speech live.


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