Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Longer the Tail The Better

So now we talk about the Long Tail. After many articles and research, I found that the article that most intrigued me was Mr. David Gratton's. I think that the best example to use for the Long Tail is music. I admire the correlation between pop music and the Long Tail. It is true that popular tends to sell more right away as opposed to steady sells. The comparison that really made sense was that of Jazz music. I'm a huge Jazz fan and I understand the popularity of it's genre. If you go to a Tower Records store, you will be bombarded with new pop music stands and flyers. Once you have avoided and managed your way through the chaos, you can find a Jazz and Classical music section. The Tower Records on broadway has a huge selection of vintage Jazz that is safely put away on the third floor. Eventhough Jazz music does not sell as well as say a Britney Spears album, it still has the power to influence and entice careful listeners to appreciate and eventually purchase the album. Britney Spears is a pathetic trend that will die soon but Jazz will be here so long as aliens do not kill off the truly musician.
Megan brings up a good point about the Long Tail and it's use in terms of businesses. If a company like Amazon can find a niche and use it to their advantage, they will be able to get a constant flow of sales for rare valueables. The hardest thing for a small business to do is identifying a small market/niche. If a company can do so and maintain a grasp of it, they can be in business for a while. Jessica brings up an interesting idea about companies who can suffer from the effects of the Long Tail. I say screw it. If small companies can somehow over throw larger companies, great. If a small company has the courage and intelligence to work within a new niche then let them beat the big guy. Long live the working man with new and fresh ideals. Down with conformity and uselessness. Amen


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