Monday, April 25, 2005

Yet Another Way To Make Our Lives Easier

After messing around with the Internet, I came across a few definitions for Folksonomy. Miss M's definition is very similar to mine, which states that it can be open to interpretation. Having all kinds of information layed out in your own personal way sounds kind of sweet. The interesting thing about such a lay out is the lack of relationship between the content. I found myself confused for a few minutes because of it. I'm so used to having information related to each other with a parent-child relationship that I was thrown off by the new interface. A very interesting feature are the tags. Tags connect similar URL's to one another. This can be extremely useful when looking for odd information on a specific subject. Imagine a time when you are in dire need for inspiration. You would be able to type in a word and get all kinds of crazy links for that particular subject. The beauty of tags is the possibilities one can have of accessing information one never knew existed.
From a business perspective, Folksonomy can be a huge advantage. Businesses are always on the lookout for new niches and segments to expore (exploit). If businesses make too many guesses, they will be prone to losing large amounts of money. Businesses can learn to use their money in a more efficient way by listening to the consumer, and the best way is through programs like Flickr and With the use of these programs, businesses can look "into" the mind of the consumer to find out what they really crave. With such personal information, businesses can not only save money by smartly investing in the right products but they can also be upto date with their customers.
Finally, I agree with Chris in that this is just a taste of the future. The ease and proficiency of Folksonomies make it much more appealing for users. It's a known fact that people are lazy and ADD stricken therefore they will have an easier time with simple tasks. I agree that Folksonomies are a glimpse of the future. The future is now.


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